Content Writing = Copywriting

At Lenetek, we consider copywriting as one of the pillars of successful Internet marketing.

For all intents and purposes the contents of your website is a paramount. It conveys information to the audience of your potential clients, convinces them to take actions and eventually sells your product or services to them. That is why writing good professional contents of your website should never be shortchanged. The art and science of writing contents for web pages, prospectuses, ads, promotional materials, etc. is called copywriting. Although they sound pretty much the same, do not confuse copywriting or writing a copy with copyright – a legal term for authorship and ownership rights to exclusive use and distribution of an original work.

Having a great web design is just one factor that is responsible for attracting customers. Copywriting is responsible for keeping them engaged and persuading them to contact you and ultimately to buy from you. Writing a good web page copy that is appealing to your potential clients is just one side of a coin. The other side of it is writing it in such a way that is also Search Engines friendly so your web pages rank well for specific search terms. That is why copywriting is an essential part of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO).