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Search engine optimization (SEO) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a combination of marketing and technological efforts aimed at increasing a website visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results. SEO includes technical as well as creative components directed at driving traffic to a website and improving its rankings in search results.

Our approach to the SEO is based on the premise that any successful web marketing has four essential components:

  • Website visibility (searchability)
  • Website appeal (design)
  • Website usability (functionality)
  • Website saleability (products or services)

SEO is only responsible for the first component. If your website is not found on the Internet, then no matter its appeal, usability and saleability – no one ever see them.

If your website is easy to find, it does not mean that it is effective. If your website lacks an appeal, a potential client who visits your website will close the web browser as quickly as he opens it.

If your potential client does not leave your website right away and even want to contact you or purchase something from you, but find it difficult to do (usability issue), that client will leave the website too.

Lastly, even if your website has high visibility, wonderful appeal, and well-designed usability, your products or services may not sell if they are worthless. Saleability is on you – the business owner, but we will address the first three components: visibility, appeal, and usability.

We provide comprehensive solution to all aspects of the search engine optimization and marketing: from solid initial copywriting, to onsite HTML optimization, search engine submission, directory submission, tracking website performance, amending its contents, to various offsite activities including promotion via social media.

We approach Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategically, by addressing different aspects of this multidimensional field. We perform a comprehensive research of your competitors, analyze the most probable key words and long search phrases, conduct an audit of your website and adjust its contents for better searchability, appeal, and usability.