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SAS development under UNIX/Linux

This blog post is a collection of my prior writings on SAS development in UNIX and Linux platforms. It provides useful tools for SAS developers covering such topics as running SAS jobs under UNIX/Linux Operating System, automating UNIX/Linux script writing using SAS language, conditional execution of SAS job flows... Read More▸

Embedding Google Analytics into WordPress Website

Google Analytics is a great tool for understanding and improving your website performance. It is a must have feature for any website. It will allow you to measure your website traffic and its sources; better understand and measure your user audience, their geography, behavior, etc... Read More▸

How to safely restore your Windows 10 PC to a prior state before viruses

Suppose you contracted a computer virus or malware and are trying to get rid of it. Instead of spending multiple hours trying to clean up your PC you may achieve it much faster by a full reset of the Operating System. The most comprehensive way to do this is to restore your Windows 10 Operating System to a prior state using ... Read More▸

How to bring printer back online

Sometimes, my HP Officejet printer stops working. It either goes into the offline status or just hangs and does not print. Nothing seems to help, not updating or reinstalling the printer's driver, not even restarting and reconnecting computer and the printer ... Read More▸

How to convert a web browser into a text editor

This little known trick is one of my favorites. It is so simple and yet so powerful that I hope you too are going to love it. Presentations are all about making an impression, and surely, your audience will appreciate it ... Read More▸

How to switch sound from Windows PC to TV via HDMI cable

Do you want to stream your computer media contents (video and sound) to a TV. For example, your PC is connected to the Internet and you want to redirect a YouTube video from PC to TV to watch it on a big screen with a whole room sound ... Read More▸

Purpose-driven vs problem-driven vs solution-driven

Our customers are the highest authority in defining the purpose of the product that they hire us to develop. Do not jump into action until you think through and know the purpose of that action – that will sure save you a lot of money and time ... Read More▸

How do you start an online store?

The abundance of existing choices for starting an online store can make your head spin and depending on whom you get your advice from can steer you in one direction or another. Here is my subjective advice that I gave to my good friend on starting an ecommerce business ... Read More▸

Creating custom page for 404 File Not Found error

How would you feel when visiting a website you type a URL or click on a link and get that ugly and horrifying message in your web browser "404 Error. File Not Found"? I guess, not too comfortable ... Read More▸

Why you should make your website mobile-friendly now

Just yesterday, Google made an announcement "Continuing to make the web more mobile friendly" that should dispel any doubts about whether to act now in revamping your website to make it mobile-friendly ... Read More▸

Embedding YouTube videos into a webpage

Adding a YouTube video to a website by embedding it to a webpage is one of the most common tasks and it’s done quite easily. YouTube allows you to customize your embedded video player and its behavior in many ways ... Read More▸

Should you build your website using WordPress?

WordPress is a free Contents Management System (CMS) – a platform that many modern websites are built on. It is extremely pervasive, powering about a quarter of all websites and considerably surpassing its closest rivals - Joomla and Drupal ... Read More▸

How to create beautiful HTML emails in MS Outlook

Ever wondered how people create those beautiful e-mails that popup in your Outlook mailbox every day? Emails that look like web pages. Emails that can be used for newsletters or marketing campaigns. You can do it too and it’s very easy to do ... Read More▸

Is Google Analytics dead? How ghost referral traffic destroys Google Analytics and what to do about it

If you are a webmaster and rely on Google Analytics as your tracking and SEO tool, the chances are high that most of your websites are subject to some faux traffic that distorts the real picture of the meaningful website traffic. This artificial traffic is called ghost referral traffic ... Read More▸

How to safely restore your Windows 8 PC to a prior state before viruses

Suppose you contracted a computer virus or malware and are trying to get rid of it. Instead of spending multiple hours trying to clean up your PC you may achieve it much faster by a full reset of the Operating System. The most comprehensive way to do this is to restore your Windows Operating System to a prior state using ... Read More▸

Web Browser Tips and Tricks

Here, you can find a collection of different tips and tricks that will make your Internet browsing experience richer and more enjoyable. Some of the techniques work across most of the Internet browsers; however, some work only in certain web browsers ... Read More▸

How to reset Microsoft Outlook to start fresh

What can be more frustrating than the following scenario: you just bought your new PC, installed and set up your new MS Outlook, imported your old e-mails, contacts and notes from your old PC only to find out that everything does not look and work as you expected... Read More▸

SAS Programming Tips: Combining variables from different datasets without joining the data tables

It's been a standard practice to use look-up tables when we need to bring some variable from a different table to an analysis SAS table which we work with. It is quite simple, especially if we have a common key variable on both tables. We just need to merge/join these two tables by the key ... Read More▸

7 reasons why you would want to have your own website

Forget about Yellow Pages, they are so last millennium! Today, Web Pages rule the world. Internet is a space where people increasingly look for information and services, and even if your business has nothing to do with the Internet or selling online, having an online presence is like claiming your piece of land on the Internet map. Internet "territory" is up for grabs, and if you... Read More▸

How to create and use a website favicon

Favicons are tiny square images shown to the left of a web browser's address bar and associated with a particular website or web page ... Read More▸

Interactive RGB to Hex and Hex to RGB color code convertor

This simple interactive dual RGB to Hex / Hex to RGB convertor conveniently converts color codes in both directions as well as shows the color sample in the background ... Read More▸

How to resize Microsoft Internet Explorer window to a desired size

Perhaps you encountered with an nuisance of Internet Explorer opening in a small window in some awkward position on a screen when you click on a hyperlink... Read More▸

How to make a transparent image background using Adobe Photoshop

When dealing with image transparency, one have to realize that not every image format supports transparency. For example, GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) and PNG (Portable Network Graphics) do support transparency, while JPEG or JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) formats do not... Read More▸

How to change a mouse cursor shape on a webpage and on a computer screen

Explore how you can easily control cursor shape and appearance on your web page or on your computer screen ... Read More▸

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