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Purpose-driven vs problem-driven vs solution-driven

Be purpose-driven in order to be successful in your businessWhen we start a project, whether it is a website design or any other development project, our approach is purpose-driven. We believe that our customers are the highest authority in defining the purpose of the product that they hire us to develop.

Defining problems and developing solutions are on us.

What is the meaning and the difference of the following phrases – problem-driven, purpose-driven, solution-driven? Well, the difference is huge.

When you are being problem-driven, you approach product development and design not just based on specific features being requested of you, but by determining the underlying problems that your product is supposed to solve.

Being solution-driven means that problems have already been determined either by you or for you, and you focus solely on solving them, that is finding, developing or providing solutions.

Being purpose-driven on the other hand means that you start not with a problem or a solution, but much earlier in the development cycle. You start with a purpose of the product development, and then dig deeper into formulating the problem and eventually solving it (finding a solution).

If you don’t take time and efforts establishing a purpose, then you very well may end up solving the wrong problem.

Do not jump into action until you think through and know the purpose of that action – that will sure save you a lot of money and time.


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